Payroll and benefits for globally distributed teams


• Local benefits for all

• Global IP protection

• Contractors and employees

• Global legal compliance

• Liability reduction

• No subsidiaries required

 • Due-diligence friendly

• No paperwork for you

• Cost-optimized


Let Torre Benefits provide you and your team members with a fulfilling experience



Local benefits for all

Torre Benefits enables you to offer health insurance, disability insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement plans to all of your team members easily — regardless of where they live.


Global IP protection

With Torre Benefits, your intellectual property is protected both in your country and in the country (or countries) where your team members reside. Torre Benefits takes care of getting legal, contractual agreements signed in all of them. 


Contractors and employees

Depending on the country, the person, and other criteria, it may be more beneficial to be either a contractor or an employee. Torre Benefits handles both types of agreements seamlessly.


Global legal compliance

Torre Benefits gives you the peace of mind of always meeting the evolving local regulations at country, regional, and city levels —all over the world. 


Liability reduction

Torre Benefits keeps track and reduces to a minimum the liabilities that can potentially by caused by layoffs, disgruntled team members, intellectual property theft, etc. 


No subsidiaries required

Creating and managing local subsidiaries is expensive. With Torre Benefits, you don't need a local presence anywhere. Torre Benefits takes care of everything.


Due-diligence friendly

When raising capital or selling your business, having used Torre Benefits will save you time and money as a result of your having a well-structured, globally compliant organization. 


No paperwork for you

Torre Benefits handles all the paperwork and, where applicable, digitizes it for you.



Significantly more effective than doing it yourself